critics and suggestions

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1. The quality of Azar Connect products
2. The variety of Azar Etesl products


1. Accuracy and speed of action in receiving and registering orders
2. The way sales personnel deal
3. The level of accuracy and speed of action in registering and sending the proforma invoice
4. The degree of correspondence between the invoice and the shipment sent
5. Flexibility regarding customer demands
6. Speed of action in registering and sending invoices on time

Send and download

1. Satisfaction with the inventory of ordered products
2. Satisfaction regarding the necessary arrangements for sending cargo
3. Satisfaction with the timing set by the planning unit for sending orders
4. Satisfaction with the loading time

Financial Unit

1. How to deal with financial unit personnel
2. The quality of follow-up and the speed of financial affairs regarding the approval of sales remittances
3. How to follow up claims and control invoices with representatives