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Azar Essat Industrial Group is a producer of U-PVC pipes and fittings

Azar Itasin Industrial Group was established with the aim of producing quality products at the highest level of standards and developed its products according to the needs of life infrastructures and advancing industries and gradually completed its product portfolio and with the introduction of modern technology, it has brought its products to the highest level of quality. Today’s success of Azar Itasin company has been achieved under the grace of the Lord and with the efforts of managers and committed employees, and thanks to outstanding merits such as the courage of managers and the initiative of dynamic human resources.

With more than a quarter of a century, Azar Connection has experience in the production of various types of PVCU connection pipes with the following applications

Sewage: urban, domestic, industrial
Water supply: optimal transfer and prevention of wastage of agricultural water
Water wells: the inner wall of the well and preventing the walls of the wells from collapsing
Telecommunication: protective and guiding channels of electrical telecommunication cable


فاز اول/ واحد تولید اتصالات یو پی وی سی

فاز اول/ واحد تولید اتصالات یو پی وی سی

فاز اول/ واحد تولید اتصالات یو پی وی سی

فاز اول/ واحد تولید اتصالات یو پی وی سی

One of the important and key goals of Azar Eteza Industrial Group in the field of marketing and sales is customer orientation and customer satisfaction, and in this direction, it has increased the variety of products and updated formats according to the needs of the market and consumers.

Strategic management thinking, use of high-quality raw materials from the most reliable brands in the PVC industry, modern and well-equipped production lines, expert and experienced manpower, product quality control by well-equipped laboratories and after-sales services, all have moved in a specific direction with quality-oriented thinking, and this has placed us in the list of the top producers of PVC pipes and fittings.

Certification and standard

Certificates and collection standards

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